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    Will Donald Trump split the GOP?

    The Donald Trump candidacy has prompted much finger-pointing within the GOP, as chronicled in The Atlantic by Molly Ball. Many blame the Tea Party for Trump's rise, but if that's the case, how to explain how Trump...

    • Posted May 10, 2016
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    A Presidential Debate Proposal: Great Idea, with a Caveat

    Intelligence Squared U.S. (IQ2) has a new proposal for updating the presidential debate format. It's a great idea–but with a big caveat. IQ2 is a fine organization. I respect what they do and watch their debates with great...

    • Posted February 22, 2016
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  • Iraq, WMD, and the Questions Nobody Is Asking

    Marco Rubio is the latest GOP presidential candidate to stumble on the question of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. He and Jeb Bush have complained about interviewers “constructing past hypotheticals.” However, the real issue involves questions...

    • Posted May 19, 2015
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  • The Charlie Hebdo and Garland attacks have nothing to do with free speech

    In the wake of the Garland attack, as with the Charlie Hebdo attack earlier this year, have come lamentations about the supposed assault on free speech. Some have defended the exhibitors' right to free expression; others have...

    • Posted May 5, 2015
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  • Repeal ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’?

    Should “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” be repealed? Two experts debate. Lawrence J. Korb, Ph.D. Center for American Progress Lawrence J. Korb, Ph.D., is a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress. He served as assistant secretary...

    • Posted November 22, 2010
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  • Religious Freedom Restoration Act: Bad Law or Bad Lawyering?

    Is the Religious Freedom Restoration Act bad law? Two legal scholars debate. Marci A. Hamilton Marci A. Hamilton is a columnist for and the Paul R. Verkuil Chair in Public Law at Yeshiva University. She...

    • Posted August 23, 2010
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  • Terrorist Suspects in Civilian Courts: A Threat to National Security?

    Is trying terrorist suspects dangerous to national security? Four experts debate. Andrew C. McCarthy Foundation for Defense of Democracies Andrew C. McCarthy is co-chair of the Center for Law and Counterterrorism at the Foundation for Defense of...

    • Posted July 26, 2010
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  • The “Bong Hits 4 Jesus” Case: Morse v. Frederick

    Two legal experts debate the "Bong Hits 4 Jesus" case, Morse v. Frederick. Julie Hilden Julie Hilden is a regular columnist for on First Amendment issues. She is a former law clerk to then-Chief Judge...

    • Posted May 9, 2007
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