julie-hilden“Having both written for PublicSquare.net and read its debates with great enjoyment, I am very impressed by the way in which it presents thorough, insightful arguments from experts in the field with great seriousness and depth, even in an age of superficial coverage and soundbites. In sum, PublicSquare has brought back Lincoln-Douglas style debate in the Internet age.

“I am not aware of any counterpart to PublicSquare.net on the Internet, and indeed, the Internet seems to, sadly, be moving in the opposite direction. James Kidd deserves great praise for taking the initiative to counter this trend, and trust audiences to appreciate sustained analysis on important topics.”

— Julie Hilden
Columnist, Findlaw.com

quin-hillyer“Amidst all of the shallowness of so much modern political analysis these days, PublicSquare.net is an oasis of reasoned, well-informed discourse. By providing the time and space for honest and thoughtful debate, PublicSquare.net is notable for its seriousness of purpose, and for insisting that policy (rather than mere style, tactics, or image) remains the essential basis of politics. I applaud

PublicSquare.net for its efforts, and hope to see it grow and thrive.”

— Quin Hillyer
Associate Editor, The Washington Examiner

brian-moore“PublicSquare.net provides an invaluable service to society via its uniquely democratic approach to our political system. It is fair to all participants, and provides a broad array of ideas and opinions on the crucial issues of the day. I personally endorse the credibility and civic merit of this invaluable website as it contributes immensely to our public good.”

— Brian Moore
Socialist Party Presidential Nominee, 2008

peter-stravinskas“PublicSquare.net performs a valuable service in several ways. In a time when civil discourse is hard to come by, it provides a venue for intelligent and reasonable treatment of topics of importance across a broad spectrum. In this election year, its presentation of views on the interfacing of religion and politics is a particularly worthwhile contribution, deserving of support.”

— Rev. Peter M. J. Stravinskas
Editor, The Catholic Response

peter-glover“In an age where most of us get our information from the one-dimensional (non-interactive) source of the TV mass media, what passes for public opinion has become shallow and intellectually stunted, being rooted more in the emotions than in the informed mind. Taking advantage of the timely freedom the Internet offers however, PublicSquare.net is set to play a landmark role in pointing forward to a more enlightened era of genuine public debate.”

— Peter C. Glover
Author, The Politics of Faith: Essays on the Morality of Key Current Affairs

“I commend PublicSquare.net as an indispensible tool for dialogue on important issues of the day. They have done well to seek out qualified voices to exchange ideas.”

— James Patrick Holding
President, Tekton Apologetics Ministries, and author of The Mormon Defenders and The Impossible Faith

tim-staples“PublicSquare.net provides a valuable service not only to the Christian community, but to society at large. It is unique both in its willingness and ability to tackle the most controversial issues of the day—issues many choose to avoid—even among the most ‘conservative’ writers. PublicSquare.net is cutting edge, intellectually challenging, and, I believe, it has been raised up for such a time as this.”

— Tim Staples
Catholic Answers

david-howard“Public Square provides an opportunity for informed deliberation that is unique among the ranting that typically passes for political and social commentary on the web.”

— David H. Howard
Department of Health Policy and Management, Emory University