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The Minimum Wage: Does It Work?1/10/2007WrittenMichael Ettlinger, Economic Policy Institute
James Sherk, Heritage Foundation
Is Roe v. Wade Unconstitutional?1/17/2007WrittenSusan E. Wills, Esq., U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops
Ederlina Co, NARAL Pro-Choice America
Can a Catholic Be Pro-Choice?1/24/2007WrittenFrances Kissling, Catholics for a Free Choice
Fr. Peter M. J. Stravinskas, The Catholic Response
Is Gay Marriage a Civil Right?1/31/2007WrittenMary Jo Anderson, Crisis Magazine
David Link, Independent Gay Forum
Adult Stem Cells: Promise or Pipe Dream?2/28/2007WrittenJ. C. Willke, M.D., Life Issues Institute
Shane G. Smith, CNS Foundation
Is Iraq Worth Fighting For?3/7/2007WrittenRobert Dreyfuss, The Nation
Quin Hillyer, The American Spectator
Race-Based Student Assignment3/14/2007WrittenMichael A. Rebell, Columbia University
Amy Stuart Wells, Columbia University
Paul J. Beard II, Esq., Pacific Legal Foundation
Did Jesus Really Rise from the Dead?4/4/2007WrittenKyle J. Gerkin, Internet Infidels
J. P. Holding, Tekton Apologetics Ministries
The Faith-Based Initiative4/18/2007WrittenGreg Jones, Foundation for Moral Law
Steven K. Green, Willamette University
The “Bong Hits 4 Jesus” Case5/9/2007WrittenJulie Hilden,
Eric Hagen, Kirkland and Ellis LLP
The Employee Free Choice Act4/27/2009WrittenRichard A. Epstein, University of Chicago
Ron Moore,
Was the New Deal a Raw Deal?8/10/2009WrittenRobert P. Murphy, Ph.D., author, The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Great Depression and the New Deal
Jeff Madrick, Challenge Magazine
Afghanistan: Is the July 2011 Deadline Smart Policy?3/8/2010WrittenStephen Schlesinger, The Century Foundation
Michael Rubin, American Enterprise Institute
Choice Motherhood: Is It Harmful to Children?4/19/2010WrittenMikki Morrissette, author, Choosing Single Motherhood: The Thinking Woman’s Guide
Robert Franklin, Fathers and Families
CLS v. Martinez: Religious Discrimination on Campus?5/3/2010WrittenMarci A. Hamilton,
Gregory S. Baylor, Alliance Defense Fund
Terrorist Suspects in Civilian Courts: A Threat to National Security?7/26/2010WrittenAndrew C. McCarthy, Foundation for Defense of Democracies
Robert F. Turner, University of Virginia
Victor M. Hansen, New England School of Law
Lawrence M. Friedman, New England School of Law
Religious Freedom Restoration Act: Bad Law or Bad Lawyering?8/23/2010WrittenMarci A. Hamilton,
Howard M. Friedman, Religion Clause
Is Social Security in Crisis?8/25/2010WrittenRobert P. Murphy, Ph.D., Pacific Research Institute
David Rosnick, Ph.D., Center for Economic and Policy Research
Repeal ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’?11/22/2010WrittenLawrence J. Korb, Ph.D., Center for American Progress
Elaine Donnelly, Center for Military Readiness
Is Late-Term Abortion Ever Necessary?1/24/2011WrittenMary L. Davenport, M.D., American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists
Tracy Weitz, Ph.D., Advancing New Standards in Reproductive Health
Abortion and Rape: Is the Middle Position Untenable?2/1/2011WrittenTodd S. Bindig, Ph.D., author, Identity, Potential and Design
Lynn D. Wardle, Brigham Young University
Birthright Citizenship and the Fourteenth Amendment4/19/2011WrittenEdward J. Erler, Claremont Institute
Garrett Epps, University of Baltimore
Does Marbury v. Madison Support Judicial Review?6/29/2011WrittenRobert Lowry Clinton, Ph.D., Southern Illinois University
Alan J. Meese, College of William and Mary
Winfield H. Rose, Ph.D., Murray State University
Jeffrey H. Anderson, Benjamin Rush Society
Is the Book of Mormon Historically Accurate?9/7/2011WrittenRichard Packham, Exmormon Foundation
Rod L. Meldrum, Foundation for Indigenous Research and Mormonism
Is Libertarianism Necessarily Pro-Choice?11/9/2011WrittenSharon Presley, Association of Libertarian Feminists
Jakub Bozydar Wisniewski, Ph.D. candidate, University of London
Williams v. Illinois and the Confrontation Clause12/6/2011WrittenRonald J. Coleman, Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton LLP
Paul Rothstein, Georgetown Law Center
The Auto Bailout: Better Than Bankruptcy?3/9/2009PodcastJoe Murray, The Philadelphia Bulletin
Andrew Horowitz, Horowitz and Company
Stem Cells: Is ESCR Obsolete?3/11/2009PodcastJ. C. Willke, M.D., Life Issues Institute
Ronald A. Lindsay, Ph.D., Center for Inquiry
DC Voting Rights Bill: Unconstitutional?4/13/2009PodcastState Senator Jamie Raskin, D-Md.
John Fortier, Ph.D., American Enterprise Institute
Hate Crime Bill and Religious Liberty6/3/2009PodcastErik Stanley, Alliance Defense Fund
Frederick M. Lawrence, George Washington University
Individual Mandate and Personal Liberty7/23/2009PodcastMark Pauly, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania
Michael Tanner, Cato Institute
Lisbon Treaty: Good for Ireland?7/27/2009PodcastSenator Dierdre de Burca, Green Party
Kieran Allen,
Cap and Trade: Can the U.S. Afford It?10/3/2009PodcastJohn Whitehead, Ph.D., Appalachian State University
Ronald Bailey, Reason Magazine
Negotiate with the Taliban?4/26/2010PodcastAnn Marlowe, Hudson Institute
Michael Semple, Harvard Kennedy School
Standardized Tests and Student Achievement6/1/2010PodcastMonty Neill, Ed.D., FairTest
George Cunningham, Ph.D., University of Louisville
Afghanistan: In the U.S. National Interest?8/9/2010PodcastAndrew Bacevich, Ph.D., Boston University
Richard Weitz, Ph.D., Hudson Institute
Common Core: A Debate9/7/2010PodcastNeal McCluskey, Cato Institute
Michael Petrilli, Fordham Institute
Snyder v. Phelps: Is Offensive Speech Protected?10/5/2010PodcastJeffrey Shulman, Georgetown Law Center
Joel Kleinman, Dickstein Shapiro
Health Care, the Commerce Clause, and “the Broccoli Argument”3/8/2011PodcastIlya Shapiro, Cato Institute
Mark Hall, Wake Forest University
Libya and the War Powers Resolution5/11/2011PodcastGeoffrey S. Corn, South Texas College of Law
Oona A. Hathaway, Yale Law School
Defense Spending: Is It Too Much?9/20/2011PodcastChristopher A. Preble, Cato Institute
Jamie M. Fly, Foreign Policy Initiative
Climate Change: Is There a Scientific Consensus?5/16/2014Scholar's MateMyron Ebell, Competitive Enterprise Institute
James Stillwell, University of Maryland
Population: Is the World Overpopulated?6/6/2014Scholar's MateSteven Mosher, Population Research Institute
Robert Walker, Population Institute
Can Simpson-Bowles Save Social Security?8/15/2014Scholar's MateEd Lorenzen, Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget
Benjamin Veghte, PhD, Social Security Works
Guns in America: A Review of The Future of the Gun8/22/2014BookmarksFrank Miniter, author, The Future of the Gun
James Hedrick, PhD candidate, Rice University
King v. Burwell: A Debate3/10/2015Scholar's MateRobert A. Destro, Catholic University of America
Robert Weiner, Arnold & Porter LLP
Junipero Serra and the California Missions9/1/2015Scholar's MateJonathan Cordero, PhD, California Lutheran University
Ruben Mendoza, PhD, CSU-Monterey Bay
Iran Deal: Is the Inspection Regime Robust Enough?9/10/2015Scholar's MateMichaela Dodge, Heritage Foundation
Lawrence J. Korb, PhD, Center for American Progress
War against ISIS: Lead with the Military?9/30/2015Scholar's MateStephen Miles, Win Without War
Anthony Shaffer, London Center
The China Model: Political Meritocracy and the Limits of Democracy10/7/2015BookmarksDaniel Bell, Tsinghua University
Stein Ringen, University of Oxford
Base Nation: How U.S. Military Bases Abroad Harm America and the World10/12/2015BookmarksDavid Vine, American University
Peter Huessy, Geostrategic Analysis
Injustices11/6/2015BookmarksIan Millhiser, Center for American Progress
Lawrence Alexander, University of San Diego
Would Defunding Planned Parenthood Cause a Women’s Health Crisis?12/7/2015WrittenChuck Donovan, Charlotte Lozier Institute
Sara Rosenbaum, George Washington University
James W. Sedlak, American Life League
Blaming the Poor: The Long Shadow of the Moynihan Report on Cruel Images about Poverty12/14/2015BookmarksSusan Greenbaum, University of South Florida
Bradley Schiller, American University
Evenwel v. Abbott: A Debate1/26/2016Scholar's MateEmmet Bondurant, Bondurant Mixson & Elmore LLP
Lawrence Joseph, Law Office of Lawrence J. Joseph
Fisher v. University of Texas: A Debate1/26/2016Scholar's MateMelissa Hart, University of Colorado School of Law
Ilya Somin, George Mason University School of Law
Marc Feldman vs. J. R. Myers2/2/2016Presidential Debate SeriesMarc Feldman, MD, Libertarian Party
J. R. Myers, Constitution Party
Presidential Debate Series: Perry vs. Moyowasifza-Curry3/1/2016Presidential Debate SeriesSKC Moyowasifza-Curry, Green Party
Darryl Perry, Libertarian Party
Does Concealed Carry Make Campuses Safer?3/1/2016Scholar's MateJohn Lott, PhD, Crime Prevention Research Center
James Grayson, security consultant
New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man4/1/2016BookmarksJohn Perkins, author
Kyle Hauptman, financial policy advocate
Abortion Clinic Regulations: A Debate4/4/2016Scholar's MateSteven H. Aden, Esq., Alliance Defending Freedom
Nicholas J. Little, Esq., Center for Inquiry
Freedom and Security: The Second Amendment and the Right to Keep and Bear Arms4/11/2016BookmarksScott McPherson, Future of Freedom Foundation
James Hedrick, PhD candidate, Rice University
Income Inequality: Equal Is Unfair4/26/2016BookmarksDon Watkins, Ayn Rand Institute
Matthew Bruenig, welfare researcher
Bill Kreml vs J. R. Myers5/3/2016Presidential Debate SeriesBill Kreml, PhD, Green Party
J. R. Myers, Constitution Party
Zubik v. Burwell: Contraception and Religious Freedom5/3/2016Scholar's MateMatthew Bowman, Alliance Defending Freedom
Gregory Lipper, Americans United for Separation of Church and State
Marc Allan Feldman vs. Darryl Perry5/5/2016Presidential Debate SeriesMarc Allan Feldman, MD, Libertarian Party
Darryl Perry, Libertarian Party
Lynn Kahn vs. SKC Moyowasifza-Curry: Presidential Debate Series6/1/2016Presidential Debate SeriesLynn Kahn, PhD, independent candidate
SKC Moyowasifza-Curry, Green Party
U.S. v. Texas: Immigration and Executive Power6/1/2016Scholar's MateJohn Eastman, Chapman University
Kevin Johnson, UC Davis School of Law
Subsidizing Culture: Taxpayer Enrichment of the Creative Class7/5/2016BookmarksJames T. Bennett, PhD, George Mason University
James A. Leach, University of Iowa College of Law
People Get Ready: The Fight Against a Jobless Economy and a Citizenless Democracy7/5/2016BookmarksRobert McChesney, University of Illinois
Berin Szoka, TechFreedom
Education for Upward Mobility7/11/2016BookmarksMichael J. Petrilli, Fordham Institute
Iris C. Rotberg, PhD, George Washington University
Gun Manufacturer Liability8/8/2016Scholar's MateAndrew Kloster, Heritage Foundation
Alla Lefkowitz, Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence
Equal Rights Amendment: Equal Means Equal8/26/2016BookmarksKamala Lopez, Heroica Films
Cathy Reisenwitz, Sex and the State
Payday Lenders: Heroes or Villains?9/2/2016Scholar's MateThaya Brook Knight, Cato Institute
Joe Valenti, Center for American Progress
Border Security: Would More Investment Make Sense?11/4/2016Scholar's MateThad Bingel, Command Consulting Group
Douglas S. Massey, PhD, Princeton University
Nuclear Weapons and "No First Use"12/1/2016Scholar's MateElbridge Colby, Center for a New American Security
Tom Collina, Ploughshares Fund
House ethics reform, Obamacare, Trump and Russia1/5/2017The Square CircleGregory Clay,
James Rosen, political correspondent, McClatchy
Kelley Vlahos, The American Conservative
Inauguration boycotts, Chelsea Manning, James Comey1/19/2017The Square CircleJoe Albanese, policy analyst
Mytheos Holt, Institute for Liberty
James Rosen, political correspondent, McClatchy
Neil Gorsuch, refugee executive order, Sally Yates2/2/2017The Square CircleBill Buck,
Gregory Clay,
Philip Wegmann, Washington Examiner
Immigration, Betsy DeVos, terrorism2/9/2017The Square CircleJoe Albanese, policy analyst
Daniel Marans, Huffington Post
Rina Shah Bharara, political consultant
Immigration, Milo Yiannopoulos, transgender bathrooms2/23/2017The Square CircleGregory Clay,
Karl Nelson, founder, Intern Media
James Rosen, political correspondent, McClatchy
Venezuela: An Indictment of Socialism?3/1/2017Scholar's MateGabriel Hetland, PhD, SUNY-Albany
Ray Walser, PhD, Foreign policy analyst
Trump addresses Congress, Jeff Sessions in hot water3/2/2017The Square CircleJoe Albanese, policy analyst
Gregory Clay,
James Rosen, political correspondent, McClatchy
GOP health care bill, wiretapping, Day Without a Woman3/9/2017The Square CircleDaniel Marans, Huffington Post
Brian McNicoll, conservative writer and editor
Kelley Vlahos, American Conservative
Trump-Russia, health care, Neil Gorsuch3/23/2017The Square CircleLeif Larson, Craft DC
James Rosen, political correspondent, McClatchy
Kelley Vlahos, American Conservative
Devin Nunes, environmental regulation, web privacy3/30/2017The Square CircleGregory Clay,
Karl Nelson, founder, Intern Media
James Rosen, political correspondent, McClatchy
Syria, North Korea, United passenger fiasco4/13/2017The Square CircleBill Buck,
Jerrod Laber, Young Voices Advocates
Brian McNicoll, conservative writer and editor
Trump tax plan, the budget showdown, and Trump's first 100 days4/27/2017The Square CircleBill Buck,
Gregory Clay,
Leif Larson, Craft DC
Basic Income: Better Than Welfare?5/2/2017Scholar's MateBryan Caplan, PhD, George Mason University
Karl Widerquist,
, Georgetown University
Trump to James Comey: "You're Fired"5/11/2017The Square CircleLeif Larson, Craft DC
James Rosen, political reporter
Kelley Vlahos, American Conservative
Trump-Russia scandal, intel leak, impeachment5/18/2017The Square CircleMytheos
, Institute for Liberty
Sasha Kaplan,
James Rosen, political reporter
Jared Kushner, Paris accord, U.S. reliability6/1/2017The Square CircleGregory Clay,
Leif Larson, Craft DC
Daniel Marans, The Huffington Post
Is Marijuana Analogous to Alcohol?6/1/2017Scholar's MateDavid Atkinson, MD, UT Southwestern Medical Center
Uma Dhanabalan, MD, Global Health and Hygiene Solutions
James Comey testifies before Congress6/8/2017The Square CircleGregory Clay,
Sasha Kaplan,
James Rosen, political reporter
Steve Scalise shooting, Jeff Sessions testimony, Alex Jones interview6/15/2017The Square CircleJoe Albanese, policy analyst
Jerrod Laber, Young Voices Advocates
James Rosen, political reporter
North Korea, voter data, CNN blackmail7/6/2017The Square CircleBill Buck, Buck Communications
, Institute for Liberty
Sasha Kaplan,
Donald Trump Jr., the Senate health care bill, net neutrality7/13/2017The Square CircleGregory Clay,
Leif Larson, Craft DC
Kate Tulenko, MD, National Physicians Alliance
Hurricane Harvey, Joe Arpaio, military equipment to police8/31/2017The Square CircleKarl Nelson, Intern Media
April Reign, political commentator
Kelley Vlahos, The American Conservative
Mandatory Minimums and Public Safety9/5/2017Scholar's MateLawrence J. Leiser, National Association of Assistant U.S. Attorneys
Kevin Ring, Families Against Mandatory Minimums
DACA, North Korea, Trump budget deal9/7/2017The Square CircleJerrod Laber, Young Voices Advocates
Brian McNicoll, conservative writer and editor
James Rosen, political reporter
Senate health care bill, Trump at the U.N., Hillary's new book9/21/2017The Square CircleStephenie Foster, Smash Strategies
Brian McNicoll, conservative writer and editor
Charlie Katebi, Young Voices Advocates
The Regulation 2-for-1 Rule10/2/2017Scholar's MateSusan Dudley, GWU Regulatory Studies Center
Richard Pierce, GWU Law School
Life's Work: A Moral Argument for Choice10/2/2017BookmarksWillie Parker, MD, OB-GYN
Kristan Hawkins, Students for Life of America
Las Vegas shooting, Puerto Rico, Catalonia10/5/2017The Square CircleStephenie Foster, Smash Strategies
Karl Nelson, Intern Media
Charlie Katebi, Young Voices Advocates
Senate health care bill, #MeToo, Iraq vs. the Kurds10/19/2017The Square CircleGregory Clay,
Ebonique Ellis, Good Management and Investments
James Rosen, political reporter
Is Net Neutrality Necessary to Keep the Internet Free?11/6/2017Scholar's MateRyan Clough, Public Knowledge
Thomas Hazlett, PhD, Clemson University
Private Government11/6/2017BookmarksElizabeth Anderson, PhD, University of Michigan
Michael Munger, PhD, Duke University
Texas church shooting, Democrats win big, Donna Brazile11/9/2017The Square CircleEbonique Ellis, Good Management and Investments
Lisalyn Jacobs, Just Solutions
Kelley Vlahos, The American Conservative
Tax reform, North Korea, sexual misconduct11/30/2017The Square CircleGregory Clay,
Patricia DeGennaro, George Mason University
Brian McNicoll, conservative writer and editor
School, Inc.: A Personal Journey12/1/2017BookmarksNeal McCluskey, PhD, Cato Institute
Gary Miron, PhD, Western Michigan University
Alabama Senate race, net neutrality, Jerusalem12/14/2017The Square CircleGregory Clay,
Patricia DeGennaro, George Mason University
Brian McNicoll, conservative writer and editor
Iran protests, new Trump book, aid to Pakistan1/4/2018The Square CircleGregory Clay,
Ebonique Ellis, Good Management and Investments
Zaid Jilani, The Intercept