Trump Defeats Clinton

By on November 10, 2016

This week on The Square Circle, we'll discuss Donald Trump's stunning upset of Hillary Clinton in the presidential race, specifically:

  • The results came as a shock to many, given that the polls showed Clinton with a healthy lead heading into Election Day. So why were the polls so wrong?
  • The finger-pointing and soul-searching began immediately within the Democratic Party. Some say that racism and sexism persist among American voters. Others say that Clinton was a terrible candidate, and others say that liberals bear some of the blame themselves. What should liberals take away from the election results?
  • Finally, we thought we'd look at what we can expect from the incoming Trump administration. What is likely to happen in the first 100 days?

Policy analyst Joe Albanese, Gregory Clay of, and Daniel Marans of the Huffington Post discuss these issues and more.

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