Kids and Guns: Too Comfortable with Violence?

By on May 1, 2014

Georgia passed new legislation allowing more relaxed gun restrictions in the past two weeks. Not only is it causing major controversy, but it’s making individuals question if it’s a smart move for children.

During this section of last week’s debate, Derek Pugh of Campaign for America’s Future and Nick Morris of Liberty Minds discussed the hot topic.

Pugh started off the discussion stating that children are already too comfortable with violence. He stated that it’s on the children’s  TV screen, computer  and video games. Culture has already made violence with guns a common occurrence and completely acceptable.

“There are thousands upon thousands of deaths every year from children playing with fire arms. Most don’t even know how to properly use them yet they feel comfortable being around them.  Having children be around an excess of gun carrying is only solidifying the message that they are OK,” Pugh said.

Pugh continued to state that the best way to handle gun violence is to find out why people have the desire to kill in the first place. He then suggests making sure that individuals don’t have access to firearms to allow killings to occur.

Morris replied that human beings have been killing each other “well” before the time fire arms were even invented.

“I think it is important for children to be comfortable around guns and for individuals to have the responsibility to teach proper gun ownership and safety. Children need to be taught how to respect life,” Morris said.

The debate finished up with Morris concluding that he would love to see a society where people respect the power and deadly capabilities guns posses, and that people would not live in pure fear of firearms.